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My husband, "Mooney" and I lived in Poquoson, VA, until 2017, when we built a new home in Gloucester, VA.

I retired from Fort Monroe as a Department of the Army Civilian -- Congressional Analyst, and had always played sports: softball, basketball, volleyball. But I needed something to do after retirement. 

I had looked at quilting, but initially saw it as cutting up fabric and sewing it back together again. But then I realized the creativity of the process and saw how some people really loved and cherished their quilts.

I started quilting in 2004, learning by watching Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts TV program. I quilted about 100 quilts on my domestic sewing machine, but that's not easy; pushing the entire quilt top under a stationery needle.

After a year of research, I bought my first longarm quilting machine in 2007, an APQS Millennium. It wasn't until 2013 that I went computerized by adding Quilt Path. "It's hard to compete with a computer." Quilt Path allows me to be more productive, I don't get tired as quickly, and my back and shoulders are thankful.

Also, in 2013, my love for APQS machines led me to become a dealer and trainer. I love training new owners.

I like to see quilts FINISHED -- so they can be used and loved. Unfinished quilt tops often end up in the trash or at yard sales. I have rescued many of those unfinished tops myself. I feel like someone "up there" is thanking me when I finish one. But their family misses out on having an heirloom to love and cuddle with.

The quilts you bring me do not need to be perfectly pieced, they just need to get finished. And I'm here to help you do just that. So bring me your tops, old or new, and we can decide how best to finish them.

If it's an old top, don't wash it. You can place it in the dryer on AIR DRY (no heat) to get out any dust. Once it's quilted, you should be able to wash and dry it.

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